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Greetings ... my name is Jeanine. I am an Artist, an Interior Designer, and the owner of Jeanine Christman and Associates. During the past 25 years in the art/design industry, I have developed a unique talent of combining these two careers through my business. As a designer, clients commission me to transform their ordinary spaces into masterpieces ... each one a unique and personal showplace. As an artist, I design and create custom murals (including the French "Trompe L'Oell" technique), hand paint exquisite wall finishes using glaze overlays, and apply specialized multi-paint finishes.

By listening to my clients, I translate their needs and ideas into an amazingly creative environment which reflects and enhances their individuality in taste and lifestyle.

Once again ... thank you for your time. Contact me so we may discuss how I may assist you.

Enjoy ... Jeanine

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